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How to Pay Off Your Holiday Debt in Less than 90 Days

With Christmas in the rear view mirror, this is crunch time for new credit card bills. If you overspent and have anxiety about how to pay that debt, try not to worry. Here at Your Consumer Services, we’re going to tell you how to pay off your holiday debt in less than 90 days.

Holiday Debt

Start Small to Pay Off Your Holiday Debt

It’s familiar, popular advice when it comes to paying credit card debt, but it certainly bears repeating. Think of an inverted pyramid. Pay your smallest bill first. And here’s why: once you pay off that debt, you can then take that money and use it to start paying off your second highest bill.

After you’ve paid that one off, continue on to your third highest bill, and so on. Make sense?

Interest Matters

Here’s another school of thought on using credit cards. Take into consideration the interest rate on your credit cards, some of which can be alarmingly high. Look at your cards and find the one(s) with the highest rate, and pay that one off, first.

Habits Add Up

Here’s a way you can actually save money, by not spending money on items that are second nature to you. For example – your daily cup of coffee. Being the savvy person that you are, you make your own coffee at home.  But many people don’t and end up buying a cup of coffee out, almost every single day. Say you spend $5.00 a day, 7 days a week. That’s $35.00 a week, and roughly $140 for one month. That $140 works nicely towards paying down a bill. If you’re a smoker, cut back, which will also save you money which you can put towards your debt.

Entertain at Home

Going to the movies can be pricey, especially if you’re paying for more than just yourself. Besides the ticket, the pricey food can take you off track, as well. You’ll save money by entertaining at home. And taking that a step further, keep your movie rentals, etc., to a minimum.


In that same vein, think of the money you spend each month for hair, nails, and other personal care items. Think of doing it yourself or asking a friend to do it for you.

Cutting Calories Helps

You can shave calories while saving money. For starters, eat out less. Or if you’re eating out, split a dish with someone. It’s likely you won’t miss that food because fast-food and restaurant portion sizes are extra-large these days.  The next time you go to the grocery store, take a hard look at what’s in your basket. You might be surprised to find items that you really don’t need. Take, for example – potato chips or other nutritionally-low food items that run-up not only your weight but also your grocery bill.

Every Little Bit Helps

A quick way to get some extra money is to make some extra money by taking on a side gig or “side hustle.”  Think about your talents and how you can turn those into some small gigs. Every little bit helps when you’re trying to find the best way to pay off your holiday debt and get out of credit card debt.

Talk to Us About Paying Off Your Holiday Debt

We like to think that because you are budget-conscience, you won’t shop above your means and will be able to pay off your holiday debt in less than 90 days. But again – no worries. We can help you. If you’re looking for the best way to pay off credit card debt, Your Consumer Services can help you. We offer private credit counseling through one-on-one chat. There’s no upfront cost for clients. You can connect with a live person from a non-profit willing to provide further information on How to Pay Off Your Holiday Debt in Less than 90 Days, as well as reduce your debt. You can also email us. Our debt specialists are waiting to hear from you and can answer all of your questions. Now – let’s do this!

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